Apr 14, 2017

10 Super Bowls Everyone HATED

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top 10 worst super bowls of all time
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What Super Bowl did you hate the most and why?

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The Super Bowl is watched by hundreds of millions across the world every year. One reason it stands out from the Stanley Cup, NBA Finals and World Series is because it’s only one game. No best-of-seven series. It’s win or go home.

Plus, the NFL is the biggest professional sports league in North America at this point. Sadly for fans, many Super Bowls let us down. For many reasons, we were absolutely infuriated for the year-long build up, only to be disappointed.

You have Super Bowls you love re-watching and some you wish were never on TV or Youtube again. Today we’ll show you 10 Super Bowls that all of us, including you, the viewers, hated.

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