Aug 7, 2017

VIDEO: 9 Canceled Games That Would Have Been Huge Hits

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In a perfect world, every awesome video game idea would become reality…but our world isn’t perfect, and many sure-fire hit games never make it past the beta stage. It’s a shame to lose out on the copious amounts of sheer fun many of these games would’ve generated. So, let’s sift through the scrapyard of canceled games and pick out some buried treasures…

Gotham by Gaslight | 0:25
Highlander | 1:05
Hi-Ten Bomberman | 1:44
B.C. | 2:20
Insane | 2:52
Silent Hills | 3:28
Star Wars 1313 | 4:00
Mega Man Universe | 4:46
Star Fox 2 | 5:23

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