Jul 18, 2017

VIDEO: Characters Marvel Stole And Just Renamed

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Bad news, Marvel nerds: many of your favorite characters were probably stolen from your arch-nemesis. It’s true. DC Comics has been churning out awesome characters since 1934. By the time Marvel Comics launched in 1939 under their first name, Timely Comics, they were already five years behind. Sure, Marvel is great, but they have quite a few characters of…questionable origin. Don’t worry—DC has a few Marvel rip-offs of its own, which you can learn about in our companion video, Characters DC Stole And Just Renamed (see link above!). But for now, here are some of Marvel’s greatest characters, pitted against their earlier DC counterparts…

The X-Men vs. The Doom Patrol | 0:37
Black Cat vs. Catwoman | 1:18
Deadpool vs. Deathstroke | 2:01
Vision vs. Red Tornado | 2:43
Bullseye vs. Deadshot | 3:28
Boomerang vs. Captain Boomerang | 4:10
Super Adaptoid vs. Amazo | 4:52
Thanos vs. Darkseid | 5:29

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