Apr 8, 2017

VIDEO: The One Role Emilia Clarke Might Not Be Too Proud Of

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A gig on Game of Thrones is a proven career enhancer. But the show’s actors didn’t materialize out of thin air. Most of them had careers prior to finding their way to the Seven Kingdoms. And not everything they worked on was what you’d consider HBO-level material. For your amusement (and to their chagrin), here are early roles of Thrones cast members during the “pre-Game” era…

Emilia Clarke – Triassic Attack | 0:26
Lena Headey – MacGyver | 0:55
Alfie Allen – Agent Cody Banks 2 | 1:37
Conleth Hill – Britain’s Got The Pop Factor | 2:20
Jonathan Pryce – Doctor Who | 2:49

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