Apr 10, 2017

VIDEO: Why DC Won’t Make A Robin Movie

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For DC Comics fans, hopes have been growing that Robin—Batman’s legendary partner in crime fighting—might get his own solo movie someday. After all, Warner Bros. is hard at work adapting tons of DC Comics characters for appearances in its shared cinematic universe. If they’re gonna give Aquaman his own movie, no character’s really out of the question at this point. And Robin’s actually one of the most popular and visible DC Comics characters ever! It’s tough to go very far without seeing our favorite spandex sidekick on TV, whether it’s on Teen Titans Go, Young Justice or in DC’s animated movies like Batman vs. Robin, and Justice League vs. Teen Titans—or even as one of the featured characters in 2017’s Lego Batman Movie. He’s even been named the second best sidekick ever—right behind Ed McMahon! But just don’t get too excited. While Robin-related miracles can happen—Batman did eventually let him wear pants—the truth is that DC has probably already killed the chance of a Robin movie. And it didn’t even require a crowbar!

He’s already dead | 1:03
Which Robin to choose? | 1:30
Too much backstory | 1:57
Boy, wonder how the fans really feel… | 2:30
Teamwork | 3:41

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