Sep 1, 2017

VIDEO: Yoga | Advanced Crazy Show-Off Move: Rainbeau Mars- BeFit Yoga

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VIDEO: Yoga | Advanced Crazy Show-Off Move with Rainbeau Mars from BeFit Yoga is an intense Yoga pose that is designed for the more advanced practitioner to challenge the core, increase balance, and strengthen the arms, shoulders, chest, and abs. Free the mind and shape the body with World-Renowned Yoga Expert, Author, and Actress, Rainbeau Mars as she takes you through this impressive exercise from the all new “BeFit Yoga” Series, only on BeFit! Learn how to find your center, stretch the lower back, and reduce stress with this effective move that blends a head stand variation and crow pose to sculpt lean muscle, boost energy, and enhance circulation. Work out with one of the best right from your own living room. Look and feel your best with this effective pose, where breath links with action to increase flexibility and get you maximum results. Tune in to The BeFit Channel for new workouts uploaded daily. For more great BeFit Yoga workouts featuring Rainbeau Mars, and Sadie Nardini, Click here:

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