Apr 21, 2017

10 Bandwagons Every Sports Fan Jumped On

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10 teams with the most bandwagon fans

Alright…don’t deny it. Tell us which bandwagon team you hopped on by joining us in the comments below?

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The bandwagon movement in professional sports isn’t as new as it seems. Many fans of this generation haven’t stayed loyal to their teams, opting to find a new favourite team once their old team starts struggling.

Some people became Patriots, Lakers, Red Wings, Yankees and Manchester United fans for a reason—Uh, they all won during the 2000s. But who knows how many of those bandwagon fans have since moved on.

Over the years, we’ve seen so many teams from specific years bring so many bandwagon fans over to their side. Today we look at the 10 bandwagon teams that everybody jumped on

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