Jan 27, 2017

The Right Running Hydration Gear Makes All the Difference In Your Hydrating Needs

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Whether you’re a leisure jogger, or you plan on entering the next marathon, having the right running hydration gear can make a difference in your approach to the final destination you seek to achieve!

Hydration gear is starting to be an integral part of the athletes training as a runner, and when the runner’s limits are being pushed further and further to achieve certain personal goals your body needs the right equipment to seriously keep you fully hydrated throughout the day.

Unlike hikers and trekkers, individuals that take long runs or have intensive training programs not only need to replenish their body with cool fresh water, but they need the proper hydration gear that is lightweight and is convenient for them.

You may be able to wear a backpack style hydration system, but it may wind up too bulky, and for longer running programs, you may get very hot and sticky, which eventually will make you feel extremely uncomfortable.

Your Hydration System Should Be Designed For Performance And Convenience!

Running products on the market today are made to be extremely lightweight and have high-tech components that allow for proper airflow and evaporation. It should be no different when you search for quality running packs, and the more features you can find on a pack to help eliminate moisture, provide stability, and have proper design for your convenience, the better chance you will be happy with that product for many years of running.

Now whether you’re searching the local running stores, or online, the best way to find out exactly what will work best for your needs is to compare the level of running and time you spend and measure it up to some of the current pack systems available. The last thing you want to do is spend money on an inferior water pack that will not fit your overall requirements.

The next thing you will want to determine is what you’re more accustomed to using, because you may prefer bottle style packs over the bladder with the water tube style. Even though technology is advanced, you may be more comfortable using the older technology such as the basic water bottle.

Don’t Buy Water Products That Have All The Bells And Whistles If They’re Not Needed!

You want to make sure that you purchase the water hydration product that suits your style of running. If you decide to go with the super advanced system and it winds up not fitting your running style, you will waste your money and more than likely not use the pack because of the extra features getting in your way.

When you come to the hydration pack section, or the website that lists all the running packs, the first thing you should do to determine which one is right for you is see how much water capacity the bladder holds, or how many water bottles they carry.

Once you find the one with the exact ounce capacity that you require during your run, the next step is to make a list of items you need to carry on you during your run. This is an important question to ask, because there is a big difference between what you need to carry with you, and what you’d like to take with you.

I’m sure you would like to carry your Mini-Pinscher in your pack, but do you need to? On the other hand you may need to carry extra energy bars, dry clothing, and necessary running accessories. When you have this information readily available, it will help determine the exact size pack needed.

When running, whether it is on flat surfaces or uneven mountain trails, comfort will be a crucial part of your running packs features. Many overlook this and of course the more expensive systems have more comfort features available, however, it will come down to the level you run, and how much comfort you really need.

Many specific hydration designed running packs are produced with stable ergonomic features and are very well insulated to keep your water fresh and cool, plus they provide quality adjustable straps for complete comfort. If you decide to spend a little more money, you can get additional valuable running features such the lumbar attachment to prevent bouncing that can be very annoying to joggers, and also reflective belts for additional safety, as well as unique pockets for your pedometer, and other necessary jogging items.

I wish you all the best in finding the right hydration system, and if this summer is going to be an extremely hot one this year, keeping your body fully hydrated during an intensive run is even that much more important to you!



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