Sep 16, 2017

VIDEO: 10 Actors Whose Careers Died After Leaving Their Hit Show

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In Hollywood, timing can be everything. Leave a hit show too early, and you risk being seen as ungrateful or disloyal—but stick around too long, and you could end up being typecast forever. These actors saw high ratings and pursued their biggest showbiz dreams, only to discover just how fickle the spotlight can truly be…

Mischa Barton | 0:22
Katherine Heigl | 1:09
David Caruso | 2:05
Sherry Stringfield | 2:39
Topher Grace | 3:30
Lisa Bonet | 4:03
Michael Moriarty | 4:51
Joe Piscopo | 5:31
Jeff Conaway | 6:35
McLean Stevenson | 7:14

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