Mar 12, 2017

VIDEO: 11 Movie Mistakes You Never Noticed

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If you’ve ever taken the time to sit through the full credits of a movie, you’ve noticed that it can take thousands of people to finish a film—which makes it that much funnier when a glaring mistake sneaks its way past all of them. Here are some of the weirdest, funniest, and all-around best movie mistakes that made the final cut.

Star Wars head bonk | 0:20
Elsa’s amazing hair | 0:54
Gotham City’s horrible drivers | 1:10
Captain Waterproof | 1:31
Batman’s Incredible Bat-Punch | 1:48
The Amazing Spider-Lamp | 2:20
Harry Potter and the Visible Cameraman | 2:52
The mysterious hedge maze | 3:13
The little anticipator | 3:47
Teen Wolf flasher | 4:14
The Commando Porsche | 5:08

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