Mar 23, 2017

VIDEO: 13 Picks For Who Could Be The Next Wolverine

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When all the hype for Logan began way back in March 2015, Hugh Jackman tweeted that it would be his “last time putting on the claws.” Given how many times Jackman has donned the adamantium claws and played the scrappiest mutant in the X-Universe, it’s no wonder that he’s finally ready to step away from the role. But his departure opens up a very big question that’s on every superhero movie fan’s mind: who should play Wolverine after Jackman? While it seems plausible that Fox could cast a relatively unknown actor, there’s just as good a chance we’ll see a more established actor pick up the claws. While you might not agree with some of these ideas for replacements, but there’s a chance that one of them could be the next Wolverine…

Tom Hardy | 0:36
Liam Hemsworth | 1:05
Kit Harington | 1:29
Penn Badgley | 1:48
Taylor Kitsch | 2:11
Ryan Kwanten | 2:48
Jared Padalecki | 3:15
Aidan Turner | 3:39
Alex O’Loughlin | 3:58
William Levy | 4:16
Joe Manganiello | 4:37
Scott Eastwood | 5:00
Daniel Radcliffe | 5:19

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