Nov 30, 2017

VIDEO: 6 Biggest Plot Holes In Doctor Strange

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Doctor Strange is undeniably fun from start to finish. By introducing the mystic arts, the multiverse, and a whole lot of Dormammu, the Benedict Cumberbatch-starring superhero sorcery story keeps Marvel Studios’ streak alive into the latter half of 2016. But it’s not perfect. Call us nitpickers, call us buzzkills, call us acolytes of the dark dimension, but we’re about to dive into some of the less magical aspects of Doctor Strange’s plot. While its story is actually really tight overall, there are still a few niggling plot holes and contrivances that you can’t simply wave away with the Wand of Watoomb…no matter how hard you try. Oh, and it should go without saying, but let’s say the magic words anyway: massive spoilers ahead…

Insecurity system | 0:43
Oh, hey, Kaecilius | 1:28
Eye, oh my… | 2:15
No time to explain | 2:42
Kung fu cloak | 3:32
Two sanctums, or three? | 4:12
Follow-up appointment | 4:32

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