Nov 5, 2017

VIDEO: 8 Times The Simpsons Freakishly Predicted The Future

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After being on the air for nearly 30 years and more than 600 episodes, there really aren’t many aspects of life that haven’t been touched upon by The Simpsons. As surreal as their animated adventures may be, from time to time, life imitates art. We’ve lost count of the times that bizarre storylines from Springfield actually came true, but here are just a few occasions when The Simpsons freakishly predicted the future…

President Trump | 0:23
All you can eat | 1:28
People unknowingly ate gym mats | 2:43
The baby translator | 3:38
A donut-shaped universe | 4:48
The Higgs boson | 5:43
Lady Gaga | 6:32
The Albuquerque Isotopes | 7:12

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