Feb 4, 2018

VIDEO: Abs & Booty AMRAP Workout #5: Caitlin- 10 Mins

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VIDEO: Abs & Booty AMRAP Workout #5 with Caitlin is a 10 minute total body toner AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) routine that is designed to blast away calories and target tone the glutes and abdominals for a firm booty and as flat tummy! Fire up the core and boost power in the legs and buns to burn fat, and uncover lean definition fast! Turn up the intensity and see how many rounds you can do as you start down the road to 6-pack abs and shape the booty of your dreams. Tone the arms, hips, thighs, back and calves with Caitlin as she coaches you through this intense cycle of quintessential moves that have proven effective over the years including squats and sit-ups that are sure to fatigue your muscles and bring max results! Take this workout with you anywhere to ignite your weight loss potential, boost strength and reveal a stronger and healthier new you. You will need a towel and a bottle of water to complete this routine. Get the results you are looking for now! Tune in to the BeFiT Channel weekdays for newly uploaded fitness videos featuring your favorite trainers.


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2 Exercises/ As many Rounds as Possible:
20 Squats
20 Sit-ups



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