Jun 8, 2018

VIDEO: Anime You Didn’t Know Have Upcoming Live Action Remakes

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Not even Scarlett Johansson in a skin-tight bodysuit could stop the bad reviews haunting the 2017 live-action remake of Ghost in the Shell. While the film should should serve as a reminder that adapting anime for the silver screen isn’t as straightforward as one would think, studios are still determined to keep trying. A number of U.S. studios have anime adaptations in production right now, so strap on your cat ears, pop open some Pocky, and check out these anime properties that have upcoming live-action remakes…

Death Note | 0:25
​Alita: Battle Angel | 1:02
​Akira | 1:42
Tiger and Bunny | 2:23
​Fullmetal Alchemist | 3:05
​Voltron | 3:59
​Robotech | 4:49
Attack on Titan | 5:37
Naruto | 6:34

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