Feb 27, 2017

VIDEO: BeFiT Booty Boosters: Booty Building Workout- Brett Hoebel

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VIDEO: BeFiT Booty Boosters: Booty Building Workout with Brett Hoebel is an explosive, butt-shaping workout routine that offers a high-octane blend of Brazilian-inspired Capoeira exercise, strength training, body weight resistance moves and calorie-blasting plyometric movement to burn fat, strengthen the core, and sculpt the legs and booty fast! Turn up the burn and become your best as you lift and firm the backside of your dreams with “Biggest Loser” Celebrity Trainer, Author and Fitness Expert, Brett Hoebel in this butt-building segment from the all new “BeFiT Booty Boosters” Fitness Series, only on BeFiT! Activate the core and sculpt lean muscle definition as you increase stamina and tone the legs, glutes, calves, hips, thighs, abs, back, arms shoulders and obliques with one of the best in the business, right from your own home. Say goodbye to saddle bags and banish cellulite with result-driven moves like sumo stretch, cat curl, groiner stretches, planks, squat jumps, clams, side lunges, single-leg booty jumps, scorpion kicks, lateral lunge floor touches, knee huggers, figure 4 stretches, hamstring stretches and more! This workout provides modifications for each move, making it effective for all levels of fitness. You will need a towel, a bottle of water, a Yoga mat (optional) and a set of ankle weights (optional) to complete this workout. So get off that bottom and start shaping it up today! Tune in to BeFiT weekdays for newly-uploaded FREE workouts from your favorite trainers. Brett Hoebel is ready to Brazilify your booty in this boosting and shaping series focused on giving you the dream tush. Through five workouts focusing on tightening and rounding out your glutes and firming your legs, Brett’s workouts will get your body burning as you build the butt you’ve always wanted. Perfect way to shape up your bikini-body for summer! Click here for more Booty Boosters Workouts: http://bit.ly/1HqAsS7


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