Mar 24, 2018

VIDEO: Billy Blanks Jr: Hip Hop Dance Exercise- The Worm

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VIDEO: Billy Blanks Jr: Hip Hop Dance Exercise- The Worm is an explosive dance move that fuses modern style with a retro classic to strengthen the core, engage the abs, burn fat, and tone the entire body. Prepare to sweat on the dance floor with World-Class Dancer/Choreographer, and Fitness Expert, Billy Blanks Jr., as you learn this quintessential breakdancing step from the all new “Club Hip Hop” Fitness Series that will sculpt lean muscle and challenge all of the muscles of the abdominals. You’ll have a blast as you burn calories and tone the arms, legs, abs, shoulders, chest, butt, and back with one of the best in the business. Re-shape your body as you build a lean, sexy dancer’s physique. Billy’s fun and upbeat instruction makes this step-by-step exercise easy to learn no matter where your skill level lays. You will need a bottle of water and a towel to complete this exercise. Try busting out this move that next time you are at the club and impress all of your friends! Look and feel your best with BeFit. Stay tuned for new workouts every week. For more free workouts from Billy Blanks Jr, click here:

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