May 3, 2018

VIDEO: Denise Austin: Pilates Mat Workout Based on J.H. Pilates- Level 1

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VIDEO: Denise Austin: Pilates Mat Workout Based on J.H. Pilates- Level 1 is an effective, meditative Pilates floor series workout that combines elements of traditional Yoga and original Joseph H. Pilates-inspired exercises to re-shape the body by activating the abdominals, building core strength, and streamlining your muscles without putting stress on your spine or adding unnecessary bulk. Relax your mind and lengthen your body with Iconic Fitness Legend, Denise Austin as she inspires you with her upbeat, yet calming training style. Using only a floor mat, you will go through a series of exercises that will work all of the muscles of the abs and obliques, slim the waistline, strengthen the back, and firm the butt, thighs, hips, chest, arms, and legs in this 22 minute segment from Denise’s popular “Mat Workout Based on the work of J.H. Pilates” Fitness DVD. You can do this easy-to-follow workout virtually anywhere and get results. Quiet your mind as you enhance your focus, improve your posture, increase flexibility, and sculpt long, lean muscle with one of the best trainers in the business. Build the elegant, toned, sexy dancer’s physique that you have always dreamed of no matter what your skill level, right from your living room as you look and feel your best with BeFiT! For more target-toning workouts from Denise Austin, Click here:

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