Mar 17, 2017

VIDEO: Dumb Things In Home Alone Everyone Just Ignored

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Home Alone is undeniably a Christmas classic. How could anyone not love it? It tells the story of a young boy, Kevin McCallister, who’s accidentally left behind when his family leaves for a Christmas vacation. To make matters worse, two burglars have targeted the McCallister house while Kevin is there by himself. Unfortunately, that’s also where things kind of start to break down. Kevin defends his homestead by setting up a series of elaborate and dangerous traps in order to stop the bad guys from robbing the place…instead of, you know, calling the cops. And that’s just one of many of the dumb things in Home Alone that everyone just ignored…

Call the police | 0:35
The cops in this town suck | 1:23
Even the pizza boy has lost hope | 2:21
Marv doesn’t know how TV works | 2:49
Uncle Frank is a monster | 3:25
The McCallisters may all be monsters | 4:25
Kevin is going to kill his family | 4:54

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