Feb 17, 2017

VIDEO: Dumb Things In Suicide Squad That Everyone Just Ignored

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When it comes to popcorn movies, the phrase “dumb fun” might get used by fans. And a lot of people found Suicide Squad to be just that: dumb fun! But…was there just a bit too much dumb? With a collection of A-list actors as ridiculous comic bad guys, you’d think it’d be hard to get it wrong, and while the end result has some great moments, the final cut that made it to the silver screen was reportedly wrecked by the studio making edits. While you may have seen the extended edition at home, here are some dumb things in the theatrical version of Suicide Squad that everyone just ignored…

The magic machine | 0:32
Justice League who? | 1:14
The helicopter crash | 1:47
The only bomb in the universe | 2:56
Terrible admissions policy | 3:49
Boomerang returns | 4:34

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