Mar 4, 2018

VIDEO: Easy Yoga Meditation Techniques for Everyone: Wai Lana

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VIDEO: Easy Meditation for Everyone from Wai Lana offers a 10-minute window into several different Yoga Sound Meditation techniques that are designed to promote spiritual happiness fulfillment, and self-realization, while improving sleep, relaxing the body and mind, increasing alertness and mental clarity, and reducing stress to bring inner peace. Learn techniques that let the transcendental Yoga Sound flow in through your ears and nourish your entire being to reduce anxiety. No matter what our age, occupation, or status, we all need a sanctuary from the demands of modern living—to prevent loneliness and emptiness and to promote harmonious relationships for healthier living.

Focus your mind to restore balance with world-renowned Author, Designer, and Yoga Expert, Wai Lana as she takes you on a calming journey to enlightenment in this soothing segment from her all-new “Easy Meditation for Everyone” DVD kit available at You’ll feel refreshed and renewed as you find your center through unique methods from a true pioneer in Yoga. You’ll also be inspired by an uplifting soundtrack and energized by the breath-taking waterfront setting as you learn to meditate. These techniques require no equipment and can be practiced anywhere to calm your mind, both before, during, or after a stressful day. These soothing meditation techniques are easy and perfect for any skill level. Be your best everyday with Wai Lana! Tune in to the BeFiT Channel every weekday for newly-added free workouts.
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