Mar 25, 2017

VIDEO: Extreme Burn- Ripped Body Workout: Level 1 | Mike Donavanik

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VIDEO: Extreme Burn- Ripped Body Workout: Level 1 with Mike Donavanik is an explosive total body-sculpting workout that employs an advanced combination of body weight resistance training and plyometric moves to incinerate fat, build strength, increase endurance and uncover shredded definition from head to toe. Ignite your weight loss potential as you turn up the burn with Celebrity Trainer & Respected Fitness Expert, Mike Donavanik as he coaches you through each move and keeps you motivated all of the way through to the end of this effective 9 minute segment from his Top-Selling “Extreme Burn- Ripped” Fitness DVD. Challenge the core and engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously as you sculpt the arms, chest, shoulders, legs, thighs, abs, glutes, and obliques with result driven moves like
jumping jacks, butt kickers, squat w/ roundhouse kicks, 3 x 3’s (punches / foot switches), kick n’ lunges, jump n’ switches, push-up arm and legs raises, mountain climbers, moguls and more. Get ready to sweat and test your limits as you fire up your metabolism and reach your full range of motion to unveil a stronger and healthier new you with one of the best in the business! You will need a Yoga Mat, a towel and a bottle of water to complete this workout that can be modified to fit any skill level by adjusting reps and rest periods. Take this workout with you anywhere for a total-body burn. Tune into BeFiT weekdays for newly-uploaded, FREE workouts. Click here for other Extreme Workouts from BeFiT Intensity:

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