Jan 9, 2018

VIDEO: Famous Movie Roles Actors Were Too Afraid To Take

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Things normal people are afraid of: zombies, the dark, spiders, and whether or not the waiter spit in our food. Things celebrities are afraid of? Sketchy acting jobs. Sometimes actors pass up blockbusters because of the overall creepiness of the movie, a fear of awful writing, or just because they’re afraid of disappointing their fans. Here are a few famous actors who have turned down incredible roles for totally legitimate reasons — and some who lived to totally regret it…

Michelle Pfeiffer: Silence of the Lambs | 0:37
Josh Hartnett: Superman Returns | 1:28
Jude Law: Superman Returns | 2:12
Bette Midler: Sister Act | 3:08
Jennifer Hudson: Precious | 3:38
Mark Wahlberg: Brokeback Mountain | 4:16
Brad Pitt: 12 Years a Slave | 4:50
John Lithgow: The Fly | 5:16
Will Ferrell: Reagan | 6:20
Toshiro Mifune: Star Wars | 7:19
Chris Evans: Captain America | 8:23
Chris Pratt: Guardians of the Galaxy | 9:20
Denzel Washington: Se7en | 9:57

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