Jul 12, 2018

VIDEO: Healthy Snacks & Weight Loss: Scott Herman & Sarah Fit- You Asked For It

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VIDEO: Healthy Snacks & Weight Loss with Scott Herman & Sarah Fit- You Asked For It. In this episode of “You Asked For It”, Host, Melena Scantlin checks in with Expert Nutritionist, Chef & Author, Christine Avanti, “30 Day 6 Pack Abs” Trainer & Fitness Blogger, Sarah Fit, and “BeFit in 30 Extreme & 30 Day 6 Pack Abs Trainer and Fitness Expert, Scott Herman to get some of your questions answered regarding dieting, nutrition, healthy snacking, and how to regulate portions to ignite your weight loss potential and maximize workout results. First, get an inside look at some of the snacking rules and portion control secrets that Scott and Sarah live by while training, such as combining good fats with proteins & good carbs, and how they are able to get their clients the results they are looking for. Find out the best times to eat around your workout schedule and some of the healthy foods that you can use to stabilize your blood sugar, keep your energy level up, and fight hunger during big gaps in meals. Later, we go to our Expert Panelist & “Skinny Chicks Eat Real Food” Author, Christine Avanti to avoid and recognize the symptoms of Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), and how to keep energy levels up and body weight down by avoiding refined sugars, flours, and salts. Finally, get exclusive insight into the “Hypothalamus” Portion of the brain which while it cannot differentiate between hunger and thirst, regulates the appetite and body temperature, and how at times, you can benefit greatly by simply drinking more water. Look and feel your best by tuning in to the BeFit Channel every week for new Season 2 episodes of You Asked For It, where you can get helpful tips and find the answers you are looking for. Don’t forget that you might get your questions answered too, by posting them in the comments below the weekly “”You Asked For It”” videos. For more “”You Asked For It”” episodes, click here: http://bit.ly/Mk2Hci
[0:22] Question 1: What is the optimal number of snacks that you should eat throughout the day, and how will they affect your metabolism when working out regularly? (Christine Avanti, Scott Herman, Sarah Fit)

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