Oct 31, 2017

VIDEO: Here’s Why We Never Got To See Gladiator 2

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Ah, Hollywood. It’s a town where the streets are paved with gold…and dreams die every single day. Seriously, where’s that Goonies sequel we were promised? And what the heck happened to Inception 2? But while plenty of sequels to mega-hit films have struggled and failed to claw their way out of development hell, few follow-ups have endured more setbacks than Gladiator 2. The long-awaited follow-up to one of Ridley Scott’s most popular movies, Gladiator 2 has valiantly tried to battle its way into theaters. But every time it rises up, the film is beaten back down. It’s time to grab your sword and helmet and finally figure out what happened…

Well, Maximus is dead | 0:34
Prequel problems | 1:55
Shifting to a sequel | 2:53
Nick Cave’s Christ Killer | 4:19
Not over yet | 6:12

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