May 19, 2018

VIDEO: Pacific Rim Uprising Cast Answer 50 of the Most Googled Kaiju Questions | WIRED

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VIDEO: Pacific Rim Uprsing stars John Boyega, Scott Eastwood, Cailee Spaeny, Burn Gorman, and Charlie Day answer the 50 most Googled questions about Kaiju.

Pacific Rim Uprising comes out March 23rd, 2018

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#42 What do Jaegers eat?
Jaegers don’t eat, but they are powered by a range of energy sources both digital and analog, harnessed into power cores. Nuclear vortex turbines, supercell chambers, stun cores, and collision chambers are just a few of the many various power cores that energize Jaegers.

#38 What are Jaegers made of?
A wide range of metals are used in the construction of Jaegers including but not limited to steel, iron, brass, obsidian alloys, and much more.

#37 In Pacific Rim about how many feet tall were the Jaegers?
Jaegers vary in height but most are within a range of approximately 250 feet to 300 feet tall.

#35 Are the game grumps going to be in PAC RIM?
As great as they were in Pacific Rim – Training Day, sadly they will not be appearing in the film.

#34 Where do Kaiju come from?
The Kaiju are sent to Earth from the Anteverse, which is the nexus between dimensions – a unique space that exists beyond all dimensions.

#32 Are the Kaiju actually a metaphor for describing sea level rise and the risks of global climate change?
There is a long history in pop culture of monsters embodying the fears of their age. The Kaiju in Pacific Rim are no different.

#24 How many Kaiju are there?
To date, dozens of Kaiju have breached our world, but there could be infinitely more being created in the Anteverse.

#22 Are Kaiju dinosaurs Pacific Rim?
There are many theories on the Kaiju and the Precursors that are still unproven, including several on a possible link to the dinosaurs. The PPDC is constantly conducting multiple studies to hopefully reveal more secrets from the Anteverse.

#21 How do Jaegers stand in water?
As long as the Jaeger has a solid seabed to walk on, it can function upright in the sea. Most Jaegers are built to function fully submerged in water as well.

#20 What is Kaiju blue?
Kaiju Blue is the potentially lethal condition that humans can develop from exposure to Kaiju blood. Because of this, Kaiju blood itself (or more specifically the toxic element within it) has also become synonymous with Kaiju Blue.

#19 How much would it cost to build a Jaeger from Pacific Rim?
Depending on the size, Mark, and armaments various Jaegers have been known to range in cost from approximately $80 billion USD to $105 billion USD.

#15 Are Godzilla and Pacific Rim related?
Godzilla and Pacific Rim do not take place in the same universe, but wouldn’t that be cool?

#14 Was Godzilla a Kaiju?
Kaiju is defined as ‘strange beast’, so in that sense Godzilla is indeed a kaiju. However, the similarity to Pacific Rim’s Kaiju ends there.

#10 How are Jaegers named?
A Jaeger’s name is its official military call sign, decided by the PPDC Shatterdome where it is launched. The name is chosen to embody the power and personality of the Jaeger and acts as a symbol of hope for all it defends.

#8 Why did the Kaiju want Newt?
In the first film, Newt drifted with a Kaiju brain, connecting his mind to the hive mind of the Precursors. When the Kaiju attacked Hong Kong, they were attracted to him like a moth to a flame.

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Pacific Rim Uprising Cast Answer 50 of the Most Googled Kaiju Questions | WIRED



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