Oct 5, 2017

VIDEO: PrayFit Cardio Workout- 33 Day Total Body Challenge with Jimmy Peña

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VIDEO: PrayFit Cardio Workout- 33 Day Total Body Challenge with Jimmy Peña is a supercharged, faith-based fat-burning cardio workout that requires no equipment and is designed to use your own body weight to boost the metabolism, build muscle, activate the core and ignite your weight loss potential through an intense series of aerobic exercises that will melt off the extra pounds fast. You will tone the arms, chest, shoulders, butt, legs, back, abs and obliques with compound moves that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously to yield maximum, total body results. Reshape your body, increase stamina, and strengthen your spirit with Celebrity Trainer, Exercise Physiologist and Best-Selling Author, Jimmy Peña in this short, but effective segment from his popular “PrayFit- 33 Day Total Body Challenge” Fitness DVD. Jimmy will take you through 2 cycles of a series of 4 full body cardio exercises for 30 seconds a piece, including jump rope, hamstring kicks, high knees, jump squats and jumping jacks, followed by a fun cardio fitness challenge so you can stay motivated and track progress. Find out how you can tone up and lose weight in just 33 minutes a day for 33 days as you learn some of Jimmy’s effective, go-to moves that he uses when training A-list clients such as Mario Lopez, Tyler Perry, and LL Cool J. This unique, 33-day system combines cardio, strength, and core exercises to burn calories, build muscle, and promote better health one rep at a time. Jimmy’s vast knowledge of exercise physiology and upbeat teaching style will serve as an inspiration throughout the program’s training. This segment is perfect for all skill levels and can be done anywhere. You will have a blast as you improve steadily each day, building your fitness and bolstering your faith. Stay tuned to The BeFiT Channel for a new PrayFit workout every week. Click here for more PrayFit workouts: http://bit.ly/16WAZu2

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