Feb 26, 2017

VIDEO: Real Reasons These TV Characters Were Killed Off

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Producers kill off TV show characters for a number of reasons. An actor or actress might be difficult to work with, the show may need an emotional punch to keep viewers interested, or it could just be the direction of the story. While we’ll probably never know the reasons for every character’s death, some stories from behind the scenes just couldn’t stay under wraps. Beware of spoilers, of course!

Prue Halliwell – Charmed | 0:23
Chef – South Park | 0:50
Dr. George O’Malley – Grey’s Anatomy | 1:27
Susan Ross – Seinfeld | 2:09
Lawrence Kutner – House | 2:59
Mrs. Wolowitz – The Big Bang Theory | 3:35
Tuco Salamanca – Breaking Bad | 4:04
Brian Griffin – Family Guy | 4:54
Charlie Harper – Two and a Half Men | 5:28

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