Mar 27, 2017

VIDEO: Surprising TV Deaths We’re Still Mourning

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Spoiler alert! No one is safe. When your favorite TV show wants to make an impact, it’s pretty much guaranteed that your favorite character is going to die. Everyone is expendable when it comes to generating buzz, and 2016 was an especially rough year for TV deaths. After you’re done watching our first video about TV’s most recent dearly deceased, prepare yourself for some more spoilers with some of the most upsetting TV deaths of 2016…

Barb | 0:26
Poussey | 1:06
Abe and Glenn | 1:38
Robert Ford | 2:42
Jodi Hubbard | 3:25
Edward Meechum | 4:05
Rhonda Lyon | 4:35
Jack Pearson | 5:13
Margaery and Tommen | 5:59

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