Feb 23, 2017

VIDEO: The Dark Side Of Star-Lord You Never Hear About

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Star-Lord has quickly risen to being one of Marvel’s most popular heroes, thanks to his role in Guardians of the Galaxy. But just a few years ago, barely anyone—even comic book fans—knew who he was. His newer fans might be surprised to discover that he’s kind of a galactic jerk, even though the Marvel Cinematic Universe made him look more like Han Solo than Boba Fett. Here’s the dark side of Star-Lord you never knew about…

He brainwashed the Guardians | 0:25
That time he rescued Thanos | 0:53
He caused Annihilation Conquest | 1:36
He endangered Earth | 2:16
He was a lounge singer | 3:24
He’s insanely jealous | 3:56

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