Mar 10, 2017

VIDEO: The Ending Of Rogue One Explained

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When you saw the title of this video, you probably thought to yourself, “The ending of Rogue One explained? What’s to explain? That the movie’s ending meant I should leave the theater? And that I should probably just load my copy of A New Hope into the DVD player?” Now, those are all good and valid questions, though you could probably ease up on the sass there, friend. Despite the movie’s very straightforward ending, there’s still some wisdom to be gleaned from the finale of Rogue One. Let’s break it on down. Oh, and just in case you were somehow confused when you clicked on this: massive spoilers ahead…

Death stars | 0:33
Not just for kids anymore | 1:03
Chirrut and Baze may be…more than friends | 2:32
Jyn is definitely not related to Rey | 4:04
General Draven is not Agent Kallus | 4:35
Plenty of room for Rebels to overlap | 5:04
More non-Jedi Force users | 5:55
Star Wars prequels can be good! | 6:35

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