Jun 28, 2018

VIDEO: The Ending Of The Punisher Explained

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The Punisher may have made his debut over on Daredevil, and both shows share the character Karen Page, but Marvel’s long-awaited Punisher series is all Castle. The Punisher finds himself in the middle of a government conspiracy that ties back to his time running black ops overseas. Now, Castle has a chance for vengeance. Bloody, bone-breaking vengeance. But when the screen finally fades to black, what actually happened? Here’s a recap of the ending of The Punisher and what it all means. Warning: spoilers and grunting ahead…

Quest for vengeance | 0:33
A new life | 1:25
Jigsaw? | 2:01
Micro’s happy ending | 2:53
Madani survives | 3:26
What’s next? | 4:12

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