Apr 7, 2017

VIDEO: The Insane History Of Doctor Strange

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Dr. Stephen Strange made his first appearance in 1963, inspired by the pulpy supernatural mysteries of The Shadow and the popular radio program Chandu the Magician. Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Dr. Strange was initially intended only as filler for the popular anthology series Strange Tales. His first story was only eight pages long, so clearly, Marvel had no idea the character would go on to become one of their signature heroes. Here’s just a taste of the insane history of Doctor Strange…

Psychedelic origins | 0:28
Identity theft | 1:18
Through the Looking Glass | 1:55
Fake fan mail | 2:25
The Benjamin Franklin affair | 3:12
Black magic | 4:04
Dr. Strange vs. Amy Grant | 4:43
An eye for an eye | 5:24
Crossing the divide | 6:26
Batter up | 7:16

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