Jun 18, 2018

VIDEO: The Most Terrible Things The Power Rangers Have Ever Done

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When you look back on the original Power Rangers, it may be surprising that the show ever attracted any controversy. It was charmingly goofy, and it starred a bunch of kids who were basically the biggest nerds in the world — whether they knew it or not. After the show became a hit, American parents complained to the FCC, claiming that the show was too violent for children, while Canadian adults got Power Rangers removed from the airwaves on multiple networks. If only they knew… While Power Rangers’ fight scenes look relatively tame by today’s standards, the Rangers themselves aren’t the squeaky-clean heroes that everybody thinks they are. Sure, the galaxy needs saving, but are these delinquents really the best ones to do it? We’re not so sure…

Red Ranger, gambling addict | 0:45
The racist Ranger | 1:49
Zordon’s Christmas kidnapping | 3:08
Rita Repulsa’s repulsive love potion | 4:12
The Navy Ranger’s friendly fire | 5:04
The Red Ranger’s baby brawl | 6:02
Zordon’s chronic laziness | 6:56

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