Mar 30, 2017

VIDEO: The Real Reason We Never Got To See A Ferris Bueller Sequel

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Reportedly written in just six days by John Hughes, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off captures a single, magical day in the life of a high schooler. Ferris outsmarts his parents and his principal, steals a classic car, gets the girl, gives his best friend self-confidence, dines in a fancy restaurant, takes in a baseball game, and even sings a Beatles song on a parade float. So why is it we only ever got that single movie? Here are some reasons why we never got to see a Ferris Bueller sequel…

It didn’t need one | 0:50
John Hughes moved on | 1:22
Busy Broderick | 1:54
Hughes didn’t dig sequels | 2:20
Second movie second thoughts | 3:09
How about a sequel series? | 3:33
There were two sequels…sort of | 4:11
Fan script | 4:52
Maybe they’ll do one someday | 5:27

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