Feb 21, 2017

VIDEO: The Untold Truth Of Darth Vader

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a legendary Sith Lord was born from the ashes of the defeated, disgraced young Anakin Skywalker. Star Wars villain Darth Vader is arguably the most famous bad guy in film history. But how well do you really know the onetime Jedi who became the Dark Side’s most powerful asset? Here’s the untold story of Darth Vader…

It took five men to play Vader | 0:20
The voice was a secret | 0:56
Orson Welles almost played Vader | 1:52
Vader’s helmet was an afterthought | 2:38
He has his own castle | 3:03
Darth Vader’s true identity was an off-script secret | 3:43
The name is a clue. Or is it? | 4:58
Vader may have been swiped from Jack Kirby | 5:28
Vader had an apprentice | 6:23

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