Apr 16, 2017

VIDEO: The Untold Truth Of Highlander

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The Highlander franchise is a series of stories based around one compelling, original idea: a fight between the world’s Immortals, who have secretly walked among us since the dawn of time. The original movie revolves around Immortal Connor MacLeod, from his youth in the fields of medieval Scotland to 1980s New York City, where the last Immortals are being drawn by destiny to fight each other to the death. As we work our way up to the remake set to be helmed by John Wick co-director Chad Stahelski, we’re catching up with the untold truth of Highlander…

It came from the bathroom | 0:29
There are still unreleased Queen songs | 1:08
Christopher Lambert’s peculiar accent | 2:08
The blind Highlander | 3:18
There’s a recut sequel | 4:00
Weird cameos | 5:12
There was another TV show | 6:01
There was an anime | 6:40

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