Feb 9, 2017

VIDEO: The Untold Truth Of Rick And Morty

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Combining science-fiction action with crude humor, a vast mythology, and just the tiniest bit of heart, Rick and Morty was an instant hit when it debuted on Adult Swim in late 2013. The creation of animator and voice actor Justin Roiland and Community creator Dan Harmon, the animated series follows the adventures of a somewhat reprehensible, usually drunk scientist, and his kind of dumb grandson, as they travel through space, time, and alternate dimensions messing up history, the universe, and their own lives in the process. Here’s a look at the untold truth of Rick and Morty…

Doc and Mharti | 0:41
Gas giant | 1:31
Instagram innovation | 2:45
The couch gag | 3:47
Gravity Falls | 4:47
Rick’s a mystery | 6:05
The plot thickens | 6:35

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