Mar 27, 2017

VIDEO: The Untold Truth Of The Pawn Stars

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Pawn Stars fans were caught by surprise when series star Austin Lee “Chumlee” Russell was arrested for drug and weapon possession as part of an ongoing sexual assault investigation. The truth is, we never really know the people we like seeing on TV. Time to put the hawking on hold as we look at the untold truth about the cast of Pawn Stars.

0:21 | Human skulls and Japanese pornography
0:42 | Unreal reality
1:16 | Rick married into a mess
1:35 | Fired for being naked (sorta)
1:55 | Sued for melting stolen coins
2:24 | Corey Harrison: Stunt cyclist
2:52 | Pawn Stars’ big expansion
3:13 | Internet death hoax
3:28 | Not Chumlee’s first rodeo

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