Sep 11, 2017

VIDEO: Things Die-Hard Fans Don’t Even Know About The Walking Dead

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AMC’s The Walking Dead has become a staple of Sunday television, endlessly shocking and delighting fans with its gory action and non-stop drama. The grim apocalyptic series has gotten increasingly violent over the years, to the point that some fans have even called it quits because of the alarming brutality, while others have become irked by some key changes from the original comic’s scenes. But even those who’ve stuck around from the start still might be surprised to find out these facts about the series. From on-set hijinks to spoiler maintenance problems, here’s what you may not know about The Walking Dead…

Taking the lead | 0:32
SWAT team swarm | 1:22
Pulling pranks | 2:11
AMC Easter eggs | 3:06
Irking the neighbors | 4:04
Earning outrage | 5:11
Avoiding the amputation | 5:57
Optimistic end game | 7:10

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