Apr 23, 2017

VIDEO: Top 10 Ridiculously Bad NFL Draft Picks

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VIDEO: Top 10 Ridiculously Bad NFL Draft Picks
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NFL scores didn’t improve with these NFL draft picks! The NFL draft happens after the NFL combine, which helps scout new players for the NFL. These stand-out prospects, however, never managed to live up to the hype.

00:44 #10: Tony Mandarich – OL, Green Bay Packers (1989)
02:11 #9: Heath Shuler – QB, Washington Redskins (1994)
03:07 #8: Ki-Jana Carter – RB, Cincinnati Bengals (1995)
04:11 #7: Courtney Brown – DL, Cleveland Browns (2000)
05:16 #6: Tim Couch – QB, Cleveland Browns (1999)
06:29 #5: Lawrence Phillips – RB, St. Louis Rams (1996)
07:45 #4: Akili Smith QB, Cincinnati Bengals (1999)
08:34 #3, #2 and #1 ???

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