Jun 30, 2018

VIDEO: Top 10 YouTube Shows You Need to Watch

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VIDEO: Top 10 YouTube Shows You Need to Watch
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These are the YouTube shows you need to watch! Whether you’re into react videos from the Fine Brothers, food experiments with the Good Mythical Morning crew, or more serious news shows like The Philip DeFranco Show we have you covered! Watch as WatchMojo counts down the very best YouTube shows.

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00:45 #10. How It Should Have Ended
01:39 #9. The Philip DeFranco Show Philip DeFranco
02:56 #8. Good Mythical Morning Rhett and Link
04:04 #7. Red vs. Blue Rooster Teeth
05:10 #6. DeathBattle ScrewAttack
06:19 #5. Game Theory The Game Theorists
07:41 #4. Everything Wrong With… CinemaSins
08:53 #3, #2 & #1 ????

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