Mar 1, 2017

VIDEO: Top 10 YouTubers Who Rarely Show Their Faces

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VIDEO: Top 10 YouTubers Who Rarely Show Their Faces

Some YouTubers prefer to keep their identity concealed and have yet to show their face, such as Let’s Play channel H20Delirious. Other YouTubers like to keep their faces hidden for the mystery, like Todd in the Shadows, Ownage Pranks, CGP Grey and TheRPGMinx. Although some YouTubers have revealed their face, such as Danger Dolan from Planet Dolan, some YouTubers prefer to not appear on camera. WatchMojo looks at the greatest YouTube channels who rarely show their face, such as chuggacoy, HowToBasic, AsKaGangsta, Ethoslab, Alltime Conspiracies, and RebelTaxi.

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