Jul 26, 2018

VIDEO: Total Body Sculpt & Burn Bootcamp Fitness Plan- Week 4

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VIDEO: Total Body Sculpt & Burn Bootcamp Fitness Plan- Week 4 is the final week of a cutting-edge new 30 day fitness system that features weekly training guides curated by our expert fitness fanatics using their favorite result-driven BeFiT workouts that take you through a day by day workout plan that employs a unique mixture of dance workouts, cardio conditioning routines, Pilates, Yoga, ballet exercises, MMA training and target toning segments to skyrocket weight loss potential, engage all major muscles groups, and sculpt the body from head to toe. Get ready to step outside the box and fight through the burn as your target the arms, legs, glutes, abs, chest, shoulders, back, thighs and obliques with effective daily workouts that will engage the abdominals and keep you moving to challenge the entire body. Tune in every Friday to follow your Expert Fitness Coach, Runner and BeFiT 30 Day Fat Burn Trainer, Danielle Pascente through your 7 day weekly workout plan that is custom made to deliver defined, body-shaping results fast! Consider creating a playlist each week to include the featured workouts. This program is designed to help you push yourself to get outside of your comfort zone, reach beyond stubborn plateaus, change up your routine and start to see real progress again. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, or build muscle, everyone encounters hurtles that can be tough to get over. To maximize results, we have programmed workouts that you may not typically do on the regular to help you be your best and maximize results with the all new, BeFiT Bootcamp: Total Body Sculpt & Burn Fitness Plan, exclusively on BeFiT!
Week 4 features a very unique mixture of total body sculpting, cardio dance workouts from Burn to the Beat, Club Hip Hop, Dancing with the Stars, Billy Blanks Jr. and Denise Austin that are sure to activate the core, engage all of your muscles, melt away calories, and re-shape your entire body fast! Turn up the intensity and burn fat on the dance floor as you learn several result-driven dance routines from today’s hottest dancers/ trainers that will get you moving and unveil a stronger, healthier new you! This week’s routine will kick your weight loss results into high gear, shape the legs & booty, build strength, firm problem areas, and strengthen the core as it includes 6 full workouts with only 1 rest day. You will need a Yoga mat, a towel and bottle of water to complete this series. Look and feel your best as you train with the best professional trainers in the business on your own time, right from your living room. See below for links to this week’s featured workouts as well as your daily plan breakdown. Click here for more BeFiT Bootcamp Total Body Sculpt & Burn Workouts: http://bit.ly/1whBfhD

BeFiT Bootcamp: Total Body Sculpt & Burn Fitness Plan- Week 4
Day 1- Cardio Body Sculpt Workout: Burn to the Beat- Keaira LaShae

Day 2- Dance Cool Down & Flexibility Exercises: Burn To The Beat- Keaira LaShae

Day 3- Rest Day- Change up your recipe/ try a new recipe!

Day 4- Club Hip Hop: Heel Glide Swag With Bryan Tanaka

Day 5- Billy Blanks Jr: Bootcamp Cardio Dance Workout

Day 6- Dancing With The Stars: Abs & Cardio Dance Workout- Merengue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TP2L9VJn_Zg

Day 7-Denise Austin Ballet Dance Workout

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