Mar 22, 2017

VIDEO: What You Don’t Know About The Experts On Pawn Stars

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Because most reality TV shows are about as authentic as a three dollar bill, lots of these series will often bring in experts on various subjects to boost their credibility. History Channel’s Pawn Stars often makes use of specialists who themselves have become quite famous thanks to frequent appearances. These men and women can help determine whether a big ticket item is the real deal or just a piece of junk. But who are they really? Here’s a look at what you don’t know about the “experts” on Pawn Stars…

Bob Yuhas | 0:28
Bill Tsagrinos | 1:25
Dr. Phineas T. Kastle | 2:21
Sean Rich | 3:05
Jesse Amoroso | 3:56
Jeremy Brown | 4:46
Steve Grad | 5:25
Mark Hall-Patton | 6:31
Stuart Lutz | 7:26
Brett Maly | 8:09
Rebecca Romney | 8:55
Murray Sawchuck | 9:41
Matthew C. Shortal | 10:43

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