Jun 23, 2018

VIDEO: Why Billy And Max From Stranger Things 2 Look So Familiar

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Stranger Things 2 has officially arrived and has introduced two new kids to the Hawkins, Indiana crew. Billy and Max are step-siblings who’ve moved from California with their parents and couldn’t be more different from one another. Billy is a loose cannon who behaves like a bully and desperately wants to dethrone Steve as the coolest kid in school. Meanwhile Max is a skateboarding tomboy who proves to be a wizard at Dig Dug and catches the attention of Dustin and Lucas just as they prepare to face a new threat from the upside-down. The actors portraying the Stranger Things 2 duo, Dacre Montgomery and Sadie Sink, are still relatively new to show-business as well. But you still may recognize them from some of these other productions…

The comedy club | 0:37
Morphin’ time | 1:11
On Broadway | 1:47
TV turn | 2:32
Breaking into the big screen | 2:55

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