Oct 26, 2017

VIDEO: Why DC Will Never Give Lobo His Own Movie

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Meet Lobo. He’s basically a mashup of Superman and Wolverine: an immortal, unkillable alien antihero that happens to have super senses, a crazy healing factor, and a love for beer and cigars. Sounds great, right? Well, not so much. His biggest fans have waited years for Lobo to make the jump to the silver screen—and the success of 2016’s R-rated Deadpool seemed to be proof that bawdier comic book characters would start heading to theaters in short order. But, really, chances are pretty good that it just won’t happen. Here’s why DC and Warner Bros. will never give Lobo his own movie…

Parody problems | 0:55
Too misogynistic | 1:57
That whole genocide thing | 2:41
Inconsistent power level | 3:41
Design throwback | 4:37
Don’t ever change | 5:13

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