Mar 9, 2017

VIDEO: Why Hollywood Wants No Part Of Hulk Hogan Anymore

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You may not recognize Terry Gene Bollea by his real name, but you may recognize him by his wrestling name. The Hulkster became a fixture of American pop culture thanks to the popularity of the WWF, which also opened the door to his brief career in Hollywood. Unfortunately, Hollywood isn’t really calling Hogan like it did a few decades ago, thanks to a lengthy list of controversies and complications standing between Hogan and his glory days. Here’s why Hollywood won’t cast Hulk Hogan anymore…

Hogan exposed | 0:32
Racist remarks | 1:38
Not so “Hollywood” | 2:32
A little too real | 3:40
A messy divorce | 4:39
Can Hulk return to Hollywood? | 5:27

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