Jan 4, 2018

VIDEO: Why Simon From The Walking Dead Looks So Familiar

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Steven Ogg, the guy who plays Negan’s brutal right-hand man Simon on The Walking Dead, is a classic “that guy.” You know you’ve seen him in… something… somewhere… but you can’t just quite put your finger on it. So where exactly have you seen that beautiful mustache before? Here’s why Simon from The Walking Dead looks so familiar…

Mail Order Bride | 0:20
Grand Theft Auto V | 0:58
Unforgettable | 1:53
Person of Interest | 2:20
​Broad City | 2:41
Murdoch Mysteries | 3:15
Better Call Saul | 4:08
The Escort | 4:39
Westworld | 5:05
Old Spice ads | 5:29

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