Feb 16, 2017

VIDEO: Why You Don’t Hear Much From Matthew Lillard Anymore

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In the late ’90s, Matthew Lillard was slashing his way into the big time with memorable appearances in Scream, Hackers, and She’s All That. But before he ever managed to hit the A-list, his big screen career seemed to fizzle out. While he hasn’t quite vanished from the film scene, he’s certainly endured his fair share of cinematic setbacks. So why did Lillard’s star status seem to drop so fast? Here’s why you don’t hear much about Matthew Lillard these days…

In the shadow of Stu | 0:27
Long live Shaggy | 1:33
Wingman central | 2:39
Certified rotten | 3:40
Missing the teen beat | 4:22
Small screen surprises | 4:56

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